Pests to Be on the Lookout for in Your Home This Fall

It’s a fact of life in New Jersey that pests start making their way inside your home once the summer comes to an end. With cooler temperatures outside and plenty of warm and inviting homes in the area, fall is a prime time for infestations of many types of pests.

These are the top Bergen County pest control concerns for fall and what you can do to keep pests away from your home all season long.

Carpet Beetles

As the name suggests, this type of beetle can do serious damage to home fabrics, like carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Carpet beetles can feed on many different types of fabric in a home, but they also love to eat cereal, potato chips, spices, and pet food. It’s very important to identify the source of a carpet beetle infestation, because this could be something as obscure as a box of old clothes in the basement or a tiny crevice where lint and hair has accumulated.

Bed Bugs

Although bed bugs can strike at any time, bed bug season is considered to be between the end of April and the beginning of November. Bed bugs have a tendency to come back home with you after staying in motels on vacation, so keep this in mind as you plan your last warm weather getaway for the year.


Spiders also seek refuge from the cold and start making their way into unsuspecting homes around this time of year. Certain types of spiders will bite if they are threatened, and the venom from a spider bite can be very dangerous if someone in your home has allergies.


No one likes to think of cockroaches living in the house, but these pests love to find indoor shelter in the fall. Cockroaches are notorious for spreading bacteria and pathogens once they find a warm environment with access to food and water. Bergen County pest control specialists look for cockroach droppings near small cracks in the corners of your rooms and around moisture-rich areas like pipes and faucets under sinks.

Mice and Rats

As mammals, rodents need to stay warm and find enough food to thrive. Mice and rats commonly make their way indoors to escape the cold and snow, as well as to have a more reliable source of food. Not only is it unsettling to have rodents in your home, but they can carry diseases like salmonella and hantavirus. Furthermore, rodents can also cause structural damage and fire risks in your home by chewing through wires and building nests in the insulation.

Prevention Tips from Precise Pest Control NJ

Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can do now to prevent these pests from entering your home in the early days of fall. To prevent unwanted pests from coming inside, consider installing door sweeps on the exterior doors and repairing damaged screens. It also helps to seal cracks on the outside of your home, and screen exterior vents.

Always store your food in airtight containers and take your trash out regularly to avoid attracting pests. Repairing leaky pipes and clogged drains will help eliminate moisture sites that attract pests too. At the first sign of a pest infestation or as a preventive measure in advance of the fall season, contact Precise Pest Control NJ for a free inspection. We are the local pest control company of choice because we offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and also prevent future problems so you can have peace of mind and enjoy the beauty of fall.