5 Tips for a Pest-Free Picnic

With the dreary days of winter finally behind us, now is the perfect time for a picnic!

There’s just something endearingly nostalgic about packing a picnic lunch for your family or friends and enjoying a meal together in the beauty of nature. But on occasion, a few uninvited guests may find their way to your picnic too and threaten to spoil an otherwise perfect day.

Ants, mosquitoes, bees, and wasps are the most common “picnic crashers.” Ants are naturally attracted to your delicious picnic food, and stinging insects love the smell of sweet foods and drinks you’ve packed in your basket. Meanwhile, mosquitoes are especially problematic in marshy or swampy areas and are notorious for being disease-carriers.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways that you can plan ahead and prepare for pests. Here are five tips for a pest-free picnic this spring!

Scout Out a Pest-Free Area

Picking out the perfect picnic spot is half the battle when you and your crew show up at the park. Before settling down under the first shade tree you see, take a walk around the park to scope out the area and pick the most pest-free spot.

For example, to avoid mosquitoes, don’t sit right next to the pond or lake. To avoid bees and wasps, don’t set up next to large flowering plants and bushes. Make sure that you’re not setting up your picnic blanket right on top of an ant colony and that there are no insect nests hovering above you in the trees.

Keep Food Covered and Sealed

When you pack your picnic basket, make sure that all foods are put into sealed containers with lids. After you are done, re-seal those containers and don’t allow leftovers to sit out and attract pests.

And speaking of keeping things covered, it’s also not a bad idea to wear loose-fitting pants and sleeves to protect your skin from insect bites and the sun’s UV rays!

Avoid Super-Sweet Foods

Ants, bees, and wasps are attracted to sweet foods, so try to eliminate sugary foods from your picnic basket as much as possible. Unfortunately, this means sugary sodas, lemonade, pies, and cakes. Not only is this a healthy choice for your body, but you’ll also be fighting less pests during your picnic.

Picnic in the Afternoon

Insects tend to be most active right around dusk, so if possible, plan your picnic for earlier in the day. An outdoor meal around noon or sometime in the afternoon should do the trick and set your picnic up for success. If you’re not hard-set on breaking out your favorite picnic blanket, opt for seating at an elevated picnic table or inside a pavilion for fewer bugs.

Use Bug Spray, Not Perfume

Strongly scented perfumes and lotions might be pleasing to those around you, but keep in mind they tend to attract insects too. Instead, apply bug spray to all exposed areas of skin to help repel flying insects. Alternatively, you can light a citronella candle at your picnic to discourage pests from joining you.

And as spring turns into summer, keep these tips in mind for pest-free summertime barbecues too! These are helpful tips for eating outside in peace and comfort at any time of the year.

Whether you’re looking for Bergen County mosquito control services, Bergen County ant control services, or bee removal in New Jersey, keep Precise Termite & Pest Control’s contact information handy to enjoy this beautiful spring season in the great outdoors.