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Protect Your Home from Skunks

The wildlife that we see around us in New Jersey is enjoyable to watch from a distance. They signal the change of seasons, and the beginning of spring. However, they become a problem when they decide to take up residence with us in our yard, or worse yet, in our home. Removing skunks from your property is something you might consider in order to avoid future problems with this animal.

This is true of the skunk. A normally docile creature, when a skunk perceives danger, it gives off the familiar spray to ward off predators. The spray of a skunk can reach up to 10 feet. The reason it smells so bad is because it is made of sulfur. Anyone who has ever smelled a rotten egg knows the smell of sulfur. Once a human or dwelling has been sprayed by a skunk, the penetrating odor is difficult to remove.

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