Ants in the Kitchen Sink? Here’s How to Get Them Out for Good!

clean kitchen sinkYou use your kitchen sink to scrub dishes, wash your hands, and prepare food. Clearly, this is no place for ants to be living. But there they are, walking around the drain and hanging out on your dish sponge. This is an unsettling place for ants to take up residence in a home but a more common place than you might expect.



Here’s a look at why ants are drawn to the kitchen sink and how to deal with an ants in sink problem at home.


Why Ants Get in the Sink


Like all living creatures, ants are constantly searching for food to eat to sustain their bodies. You’ll often find lots of food scraps, crumbs, and grease in kitchen sinks. Ants are also steady and reliable sources of water, which is another thing that ants need to survive each day. This makes them perfect habitats for ants, especially when you don’t keep your kitchen sink clean and tidy.


Leaving stagnant water in your sink attracts ants, as well as dirty dishes for long periods of time. You might also have an ants in sink problem if you have a leaky pipe that causes a pool of water to form under the sink. Inadequate caulking around the sink and a garbage disposal clogged with food debris can also lead to ant activity in the kitchen sink.


How to Get Rid of Ants in Sink


Ants in the kitchen sink are very noticeable, and getting rid of them requires more than just washing them down the drain. You’ll need to thoroughly clean your sink inside and out to deal with an ant infestation. To clean the top of the pipes, you can put baking soda and vinegar in your sink and then pour boiling water down the drain. However, you don’t want to use chemical ant killers in your kitchen sink because they could get into your water supply and put your health at risk.


Therefore, the safest solution is to call Precise Termite & Pest Control to come out and evaluate the extent of the ant problem. We can safely remove ants from your sink and give you peace of mind that they won’t keep crawling back up the pipes, through the drain, and to the rest of your kitchen.


Preventing Ants in Your Sink


One of the best preventive tips for eliminating ants is controlling moisture problems. This process may involve checking for plumbing leaks, removing puddles of water, and getting faucets tightened up. Keep food scraps out of the kitchen sink to prevent ants from coming back in the future. To make your kitchen less attractive to ants, keep the counters, the backsplash, and the stove clean and free of food scraps and spills.


Call Us for All Your Ant Problems


Most DIY ant remedies only address the ants that you can see and not the more significant problem of ants in the sink. An infestation may be worse than you think if ants live down within your pipe system, under your floors, and behind your walls. We are your local Bergen and Passaic County ant control experts, so call us at 866-971-2847 for an inspection any time you notice ant activity in your home.