How Do Termites Spread Within and Between Homes?

Termite and fungus infested wood on the side of a house.Termites are social insects that live in colonies and work in groups. When you see one termite, it’s guaranteed that there are others nearby, which can lead to a full-blown infestation inside your house. Termites spread quickly and easily throughout a home and possibly even to other homes and buildings in the vicinity.


To help you stop termites before they get out of control, here’s a look at how termites spread and the warning signs of termite spreading.


Termites Spreading Between Walls and Furniture

As New Jersey pest control experts, we often get the question, “How easily do termites spread from walls to furniture?” The answer we typically give is “very easily,” because these insects can multiply to infestation levels within just a few days.


The spread occurs when winged, reproductive termites go out to mate and then come back to start new colonies. Termites also join existing infestations by building tunnels through walls as they hunt for food in a home.


Termites Spreading Between Neighbors

Not only can termites spread throughout your home, but they can also spread from one home to the next in your neighborhood. From the epicenter of an infestation, termites commonly spread out more than 100 feet in every direction. Other estimates put termite travel distances at around 230 feet from the epicenter. Therefore, it is very possible for termites to enter your home if you have a close neighbor who is battling a termite infestation.


Between houses, termites move through mud tubes in yards and then enter through cracks in the walls. Termites that have reproductive and flying capabilities move through the air to search for mating partners, an effort that may cause termites on a neighbor’s property to travel to your home.


Signs of Termites Spreading

One of the telltale signs of termites spreading in a home are droppings that look like wood-colored and rigid pellets that may fall from ceilings. You may also notice mud tunnels around the foundation of your home if subterranean termites are present. Damp stains on walls, chewing sounds behind the walls, soft floorboards, and dried mud accumulations around doors and windows are also signs of termite spreading.


If you don’t catch spreading termites quickly, the structural integrity of your home will be compromised and costly repair bills will be inevitable. Termite infestations don’t simply go away on their own, so you need to be proactive about stopping them and aware of how fast they spread from underground to the foundation, walls, furniture, other items in your home.


Stop Termites from Spreading Now

If you have termites in or around your home, you need Precise Termite & Pest Control on your side. We specialize in stopping termites from costing you thousands of dollars of property damage so that you can have peace of mind and save your hard-earned money. It is a smart idea to have your home regularly inspected for termites so that you can catch small termite populations early before they spread. If your neighbor has been having termite troubles, a free inspection by one of our professional exterminators can save you countless expenses and stresses in your own home.


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