Passaic County Softwashing for Winter Home Prep


What Is Softwashing?

Many have already heard about pressure washing and have a general idea of what it is. For starters, pressure washing is simply a machine that shoots water out at a very high velocity, or pressure. Although this article is not geared toward the aspects of pressure washing, it really helps to understand the difference between conventional pressure washing and softwashing. For a large majority of people, softwashing almost sounds like a made-up word. In reality, it’s simply another method of cleaning, or maintenance that has its very own unique uses and benefits.

Pressure Does Not Equate to Cleanliness

More so, many who do use pressure washing methods have the wrong idea. The common belief is that more pressure equals more cleaning power. As a result, one will either amp up the machine’s pressure or move the nozzle closer to the surface, or even a combination of both. Not only can doing this damage the surface that’s being cleaned, but it puts the user in greater danger as well. Common examples that result from excessive pressure washing use are stripped paint, broken windows and chipped concrete. Worse yet, some surfaces may become cleaner than others, making the whole job look horrible all together. This is especially true when used by inexperienced hands.

On the other hand, soft wash methods use gentle pressure with the help of detergents or some other type of cleaning agent. This form of cleaning generally runs somewhere under 1,000 PSI. Compared to regular pressure washing methods, this is very low pressure. This lower pressure reduces the chance of accidental damage dramatically. Therefore, it’s the ideal method to use when cleaning a house, fence, window, car or some other residential property. Plus, one will not have to worry about the dangers of extreme water pressure. Regardless, one should always be careful when dealing with any type of these machines. Note that a soft washer and pressure washer are essentially the same machine, except that both methods run at very different pressures.

What is Softwashing Good for?

This gentler form of pressure washing can clean porous, semi-porous and non-porous surfaces, such as brick, stone, aluminum, plastic, glass and many more materials. When using this method, one simply applies an appropriate detergent to the surface and lets it sit for a sufficient amount of time. The person then simply washes the surface with gentle water pressure.

The importance of using a soft washer on a house cannot be stressed enough. Ideally, one should soft wash the exterior of their home at least twice a year. All kinds of debris, such as dirt and dust, builds up on a home over time. If this residue is left to sit for many years, it becomes extremely difficult to remove. Therefore, periodic washing of any home, apartment or surface in general is vital to keeping it in top shape without having to use extreme or expensive methods of cleaning.

Softwashing with Precision

Softwash your home for a completely polished look.  Softwashing is guaranteed to help the exterior of your home look beautiful and minimize any chances of damage versus traditional pressure cleaning methods. Our trained professionals receive extensive on the job training with chemical treatment methods aimed at killing algae and bacteria that tend to grow on roofs. Schedule a free inspection with  a trusted NJ roof cleaning service provider today at 866-971-2847 for softwashing precision.