4 Signs You Might Have a Roach Infestation

While bugs may serve a useful purpose in the ecosystem, most people can agree that they are not wanted in their house. Of all the possible pests that are the most difficult to get rid of, cockroaches are at the top of the list. Once they enter a home, they reproduce quickly and soon a few insects become an infestation. Recognizing a sign of a problem is the first step towards a resolution. Here are some of the common signs of a roach infestation.

Visual Identification

Cockroaches are active at night and tend to reside in dark places like behind a refrigerator, within walls and behind cupboards. In most situations, they are not going to be seen during the day. However, if their habitat is disturbed, or there is a severe infestation, they may become visible during the day. Do not ignore dead roaches. Finding dead ones around your house is probably a sign that there are others that are living.

Egg Casings

Cockroaches are definitely in a home when there egg cases are found. Egg cases are the discarded shells from hatched cockroaches. They are oval shaped, brown and small. In most situations they will be empty and dried out. If the egg casings found are filled, destroy them. Filled cases will contain several juvenile roaches. The casings are likely to be found in the area where they reside, but can appear in other places around the house.


Another sign of an infestation is seeing cockroach feces. Cockroach feces can vary in appearance. Larger roaches produce cylindrical feces. The smaller cockroaches produce pepper-like, powdery feces. If there is a significant amount of feces found, you may have a large roach population in your house.


Some cockroaches emit an unpleasant odor. Typically, the odor is found near their habitat. If your home has a large population of roaches, the odor may be strong. If you home has an unusual odor that seems to linger, it may be time to check for roaches.

Contact Precise Termite & Pest Control

Seeing signs of cockroaches is indicative of a greater problem. Because roaches reproduce at a fast rate, it is important to keep the situation from getting out of control. Store-bought pesticides may kill a few roaches, but fail to do have any real effect on an infestation. Utilizing a professional cockroach control company in NJ is the best way to resolve the issues. Pest control professionals have the knowledge, skill and equipment to reduce the roach population. Call us at (866) 971-2847 to schedule a free inspection today!