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Roaches: A Health Hazard Hidden in Your Home

It is a scenario that strikes dread into the heart of anyone. You head into the kitchen for a drink of water, flip on the light and see roaches scuttling for cover. Or even worse, you wake up to discover something crawling on you. Most people feel a primordial revulsion at the very thought of a cockroach. They slither around at night, leaving behind a fetid odor, feces, and egg cases. But that’s not the worst of it. Roaches are actually dangerous to your health. Contact Precise Pest Control to regain control of your home.

Dangers from Cockroaches

Roaches can carry bacteria from one place to another. They actively seek out sewage and decaying matter to feed on, and their hooked legs collect bacteria. The roaches then track it across anything they walk on. Studies have shown that roaches can transmit all sorts of disease germs, including salmonella, pneumonia, staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria and even yellow fever. Some outbreaks of disease in crowded buildings are attributed to roach transmission. While this certainly sounds alarming, the chances of a person in New Jersey being infected with one of these illnesses are pretty small.

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