How to Remove Squirrels from Attic Spaces and Squirrel Prevention Tips

squirells entering attic from hole outsideWhen most people in New Jersey think of where squirrels live, images of grassy parks and forests filled with trees probably come to mind. However, squirrels also have a pesky habit of taking up residence in household attics, which can be a major headache for homeowners.

Here are some tips for how to remove squirrels from attic spaces and where to turn to for help with your squirrel removal problem.

Why Squirrels Nest in Attics

Especially during our cold winter months in New Jersey, attics become perfect nesting places for squirrels. Inside a home’s attics, squirrels can stay warm and dry all winter long, while also being high enough to remain unbothered by other animals and humans.

Squirrels have very strong teeth that allow them to chew through wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials to gain access to your attic. They are also skilled climbers, who retreat to attic spaces to raise their young after giving birth to baby squirrels.

When Do Squirrels Nest in Attics

Squirrels typically give birth to babies twice per year – between March and May and again between July and August. Female squirrels will look to build nests in attics to raise their young around these time periods of the year.

Signs that you may have squirrels in your attic include scratching or chewing sounds, visual evidence of fecal droppings, chewed-through wires, and increased squirrel activity in other areas on your property.

Dangers of Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels may look harmless enough, but they can actually cause major damage in your home. They often leave nest debris in attics, and they regularly chew on wood to shave down their constantly growing teeth. In attics, you may find squirrel fecal droppings that pose disease risks, chewed up wooden boards, and wires that have been gnawed through by squirrels. This can cause exposed wires that cause dangerous electrical issues and potential fires in your home.

Preventing Squirrels in Attic Spaces

To prevent squirrel activity in your attic, trim back tree branches at least six to eight feet from your house so squirrels can’t gain easy access to your home. Regularly inspect your house for potential squirrel entry points and use wire hardware cloth to seal attic vents and any holes. Secured hardware cloth can prevent squirrels from gnawing through vents and entering your attic. Another prevention tip is to use squirrel repellants sold at garden and hardware stores to deter squirrel activity.

How Precise Termite & Pest Control Can Help with Squirrel Removal from Attic

Our licensed and professional specialists have years of experience handling squirrel removal from attics and ensuring that these pests stay out of attics for many years to come. At the first signs of a squirrel problem, call us at 866-971-2847 for a free home inspection. We will gladly schedule with you to come inspect your attic for squirrels and address any other pest concerns you may have while we’re onsite.

Squirrels belong out in nature, not in your attic, and we’re committed to keeping it that way!