Diagnosing and Solving Animal in Attic Issues During the Winter Months

animal window entrance to attic of house

Even the biggest animal lovers in New Jersey don’t want stray animals and pests seeking shelter in their homes during the winter months. Not only are animals in attics and basements a nuisance, but they can cause significant home damage and cause disease.

Why Animals Seek Shelter in the Winter

Animals seek shelter wherever they can to stay warm during the cold winter months in New Jersey, and the best places are often right inside your home. Animal intruders commonly move into attics and basements to burrow, nest, hibernate, or simply to escape the harsh elements of nature.

Signs an Animal is Seeking Refuge in Your Home

One of the biggest telltale signs that an animal is taking up residence in your home is scratching and scurrying noises above you, below you, or inside your walls. In the attic, you may see animal droppings, nesting materials, or items that have been chewed through. Other area of a home that may show signs of animals are chimneys, trash cans, roofs, siding, trim boards, and the foundation of your home.

How to Tell What Kind of Animal Is in My Attic?

Feces is one of the best indicators of what type of animal is living in your attic. Every animal’s feces looks a bit different, although you may not have any desire to learn about these differences first-hand! The noises you hear in your home and the damage left behind are also hints at how to tell what kind of animal is in the attic.

These are some of the most common animals that a homeowner is likely to encounter in the home during the winter months:

How Animal Pests Get into Homes

Regardless of how new your home is or how clean you keep it, animals can still find ways to enter your home in the winter. Mice, for example, only need a hole the size of ¼ inch to gain access. Common entry points include roof joints, attic vents, dryer vents, foundation joins, wood trip, and the chimney flue.

Damage Caused by Animals in Attics and Basements

Animal pests in attics and basements can chew through wires, destroy insulation, and leave larger holes in your home that attract even more pests. They also leave droppings around that can harbor diseases, such as salmonella and hantavirus. These droppings can get into food sources in your home and cause health risks for family members and pets.

Animal in Attic Removal Cost and Solutions

The best way to determine an animal in attic removal cost is to contact Precise Termite and Pest Control for a free inspection and estimate. We are a top pest control company in Bergen County and specialize in all of the types of pests that invest homes during New Jersey winters.

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