Bergen County Soft Washing for Winter Home Prep


soft washing in bergen county

Reason One: Protect a Home’s Exterior

Soft Washing in Bergen County is a great way to improve your home’s appearance and protect its exterior materials from damage. While some companies use harsh power washing to remove debris from a structure’s roof, we prefer a gentler method to avoid tearing away shingles or vinyl siding. While you are preparing your home in the fall for the cold, winter weather of New Jersey, have it soft washed to help prevent invasions of pests.


Reason Two: Deter Invasion of Pests

Winter is one of the most common times to find insects, wildlife, and rodents inside your home because the animals want to escape the cold temperatures. However, a thorough soft washing of a building’s exterior can deter pests. While our customers focus on cleaning the interiors of their homes to ensure pests are unable to find hidden locations for nesting, they may neglect the exterior. Cleaning the exterior of a home is hard work, and it requires extension ladders along with spraying equipment.


Reason Three: Remove Invading Plant Growth

The soft washing equipment we use applies water pressure similar to that of a garden hose, and this process is able to clean a home’s deck, porch, siding, and roof without degrading surfaces the way that high-pressure systems do. Our team will bring along large tanks of water that contain gentle, but effective cleansers that will wash away debris, such as moss, algae, and mold, along with common dirt that collects on surfaces. The detergents we use are environmentally friendly and will not harm the grass, shrubs and trees located near your home.


Reason Four: Washing Removes Harmful Debris

This safe and gentle process of soft washing removes living organisms from the exterior of a building and helps to prevent a pest infestation. If a house’s rain gutters and downspouts are filled with leaves and trash, our technicians can blast away the debris to help rainwater flow through. The soft washing process can also remove pollutants, including soot from a home’s chimney. By having a home’s exterior cleaned once a year, the materials are less likely to degrade from the damage of invading moss and algae.


Reason Five: Soft Washing in Bergen County Improves a Home’s Appearance

Precise Termite & Pest Control located in Morris County, N.J., offers expert soft washing services in Bergen and Passaic Counties. Our company has provided a variety of pest control services for over 25 years, and our technicians are licensed and bonded. We can make recommendations for avoiding invasions of pests and keeping the exterior of homes clean.

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