With Warmer Weather Brings the Risk of Unwanted House Guests

With springtime in the air and warm days on their way, there will be no doubt that pesky rodents and other small animals will come to investigate in or around your home. Many small animals and rodents are not as active in winter, and as the day’s heat up, their metabolisms increase, prompting them to forage and invade property structures, homes and gardens. A number of problems can evolve when unwanted animals invade your premises. Precise Pest Control can help you with any of your wildlife problems and effectively remove them from your home.

The Diggers

Moles, prairie dogs, ground hogs and gophers are burrowing animals. They like nothing better than to create intricate tunnels, with open passages in your yard or under the foundation of the house. Once they establish a breeding population near your home, it’s a certainty that the ground you walk on will be perforated and very dangerous to walk on. Many of the animals eat grass and tree roots, as well as any roots that belong to vegetables from a garden. They destroy plants and trees by eating away at the root systems. They also change the landscape by diverting water run-off, causing water to be trapped in tunnels and large burrowing chambers. This soaks and weakens the ground, making walking over it treacherous. Many sprained ankles have resulted from animal burrows. They can also weaken house foundations, causing walls to lean or sink.

The Home Invaders

The most numerous home invaders are rats and mice. They can get up and through any small seam in the floor or follow the AC duct up into the house. They can climb outside walls, enter the attic and crawl down into the living quarters. Of course, they are on the search for food. Once they find a good food source, they may decide to set up shop permanently and breed, introducing dozens (possibly hundreds) of new occupants into the household in a very short time. Rats and mice favor warm areas and may occupy the oven or stove area, climbing in and out of the burner holes from the grease trap below. You may notice their presence by numerous rice-sized droppings that may occupy room corners, inside cupboards and drawers.

Believe it or not, snakes and raccoons like to move in. Snakes search out warm areas and can be found in homes, whether they are the non-poisonous or poisonous variety. When dozens of them are wrapped in a huge knot, take note because this is a mating ball. Raccoons are inquisitive and some would say fearless and nasty. Raccoons will eat anything and go right through a screen or open door to eat leftovers on the kitchen table at night. They can be fairly destructive and open up sealed packages and boxes, shredding them in the process. Bats can usually be found in an attic, and they give themselves away by squeaking and leaving foul-smelling droppings under their roost.

Garden Raiders

Although raccoons, gophers and ground hogs certainly qualify as garden raiders, it’s the cottontail rabbits and deer you might have to look out for. Cottontail rabbits and deer love succulent vegetables and plants, and they arrive in springtime during the night to nibble. Only their nibbling is excessive and it can decimate an entire garden. A deer will trample just about as much as it eats. The most dangerous animal that can invade your garden is the wild pig or hog. They can eat everything out of the ground and tear the garden to shreds, by rooting and digging. Wild pigs are also a danger to humans and pets since they often charge and attack when challenged.

Health Risks

Mice and rats expel feces, that when inhaled, can cause serious respiratory problems and trigger asthma attacks and allergies. Some diseases from rats and mice are fatal, and the bacteria and germs they spread can cause serious health risks. Biting animals like raccoon, pigs, gophers, snakes and others can cause rabbis or poisonous reactions, requiring hospitalization.

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