Protecting Your Home From Bugs During The Winter

One of the biggest expenditures of your life will most likely be your home. Protecting your home with insurance will assure that it is protected for many years to come. The biggest problem homeowners have is when unwanted bugs access the home and begin to make it their own. Wood destroying insects can slowly eat away at the structure of the home from the inside out. This means that by the time you even see these insects, they have destroyed the integrity of your home. Our team of experts at Bergen County Exterminator can quickly identify areas of concern within your house and help you to take back control of your property.

During the winter months many insects are able to survive by burrowing deep below the freeze line. Insects like spiders, roaches, and silverfish would prefer to gain access to your home and stay warm that way. When these insects access your home, they can survive even in the colder garage longer than they would outside. However once they access the garage, they will find their way into your home in time. At Precise Termite and Pest Control, we can identify all the access points these insects are using to gain entry to your home and help stop them before they get in. Cracks in your foundation, window frames, door frames, and siding, can all be simple ways for bugs to get in your home as the weather gets colder.

The most dangerous of these insects are the wood destroying pests. Termites in particular travel underground to their next food source. When they find a crack in your homes foundation they travel up and to the sources of wood in the home. Our expert staff can easily identify the path the termites are taking by looking for the clues they leave behind. On the outside of the home the termites will build mud trails for the colony to travel safely through. Once inside they will leave small saw dust like droppings as evidence the work has begun of your wood. Our team can identify the issue, then eliminate the colony and set bait traps for any future insects that have their sights set on your home.

Speak to An Experienced Bergen County Exterminator

The biggest problem with many insects is that they are hard to locate when they want to stay hidden. If you are looking for professional pest services in Passaic County or other counties in New Jersey, contact Precise Termite and Pest Control at (866) 971-2847 to schedule a free inspection of your home. We use Integrated Pest Management techniques in order to reduce the use of harsh pesticides which in turn increases safety for your family or business.