Easy Solutions for Backyard Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a natural part of the summer experience. Protect yourself today

Summer is a time for hot temperatures, lots of sunshine, backyard barbecues and…mosquitos.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, mosquitos and mosquito bites are a natural part of the summer experience. As we spend time outdoors, they make us irritated, itchy, and even nervous about potential diseases they might be carrying. Homes that are located near a natural or manmade body of water are likely to attract mosquitos. But these pests are also drawn to stagnant water in birdbath fountains and garden puddles. Mosquitos lay eggs on the surface of the water, thereby multiplying and causing even more of a nuisance for your summer parties and romantic outdoor evenings.

To help you enjoy your backyard this summer, here are some of the most effective solutions for backyard mosquito control in New Jersey.

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Mosquito-Repelling Plants to Add to Your Yard

e are committed to keeping our neighbors mosquito-free in Bergen County

There are many different ways that homeowners can protect their yards from mosquitos, including traps, nets, and sprays. However, there is a simpler and more natural approach that may help to deter these pests as well. Gardeners and landscaping enthusiasts will enjoy learning that there are many plants that can be incorporated into a backyard to keep mosquitos away.

This article will explore the various plants that naturally repel mosquitos and why each of these plants is useful for mosquito yard control.

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Diseases Commonly Transmitted by Mosquitoes & Preventative Tips for Homeowners

Family wading in their backyard pool

Last summer, we wrote an article addressing Zika virus concerns and how Bergen County mosquito control can help keep your family safe. However, Zika is just one of many diseases than can be spread by mosquitos, and some of these are much more common.

This article will discuss other diseases that can be spread by mosquitos and springtime actions that homeowners can take to prevent these pests from breeding on their properties.

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The Life Cycle of Termites and Why Spring Is the Season to Take Action

The life cycle of a termite starts in the early spring season

Wanting to learn more about the pests that invade our homes and cause costly damage doesn’t always come naturally to homeowners. However, it is very useful to gain an understanding of how termites live and breed in order to choose appropriate termite extermination methods.

Here we’ll describe the basic life cycle of a termite and why spring the best time of the year is to pursue treatment options and combat infestations.

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How to Keep Kids & Pets Safe From DIY Ant Control Risks

Don’t delay calling an ant exterminator at the first sign of a problem

Although there are many different ant control products on the market today that offer a DIY approach to in-home extermination, these products can pose serious risks to the ones you love the most. In fact, some of these products can be dangerously toxic to kids and pets.

When you discover ants in your home, it can be difficult to think of anything besides getting rid of them as quickly as possible. Here is a comparison between chemical and natural ant control products and how an experienced ant exterminator can help keep your family safe.

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How Moisture Attracts Carpenter Ants & Termites in the Winter

This weather at this time of year is particularly enticing to carpenter ants, so be mindful

Many homeowners become complacent about household pests during the winter months because termites and ants tend to be less active and visible. But when the winter season gradually turns into spring, snow melt, ice dams, and rain all play a role in attracting pests to your home.

This article will discuss how end-of-winter weather brings pests into your home and a few tips for homeowners about how to eliminate excess moisture in the house. With proper termite control and carpenter ant control, you can get your home ready for spring with minimal hassles and cost. Continue reading

Pest Nests to Look Out For Before The Spring Season

We are Bergen County pest control specialists that have been keeping Northern New Jersey pest-free for over 25 years

It might not feel like it yet on these chilly days in New Jersey, but spring is just around the corner. For homeowners, the season change doesn’t only mean longer days, warmer temperatures, and blooming flowers. This is also an ideal time to inspect your home for nests that insects and rodents may have been building up all winter long.

If these nests aren’t removed by Bergen County pest control by the time the weather warms up, serious problems could result. But before you go online to start searching for “pest control near me,” here’s what homeowners should know about the types of nests to look for around the house as spring approaches.

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Why Attic Ventilation is Crucial in the Winter Months

Contact us today to get a free inspection and keep your attic pest-free all throughout the year.

If you’re like many homeowners, you don’t pay a whole lot of attention to your attic. Attics are places to store old clothes, seasonal decorations, and beloved toys that the kids have outgrown. However, poor attic ventilation is a serious problem in many Bergen County homes today and causing homeowners to endure unexpected costs and headaches.

These are the top reasons why you should make sure that your attic is adequately ventilated in the winter months. We’ll also look at possible ventilation remedies and solutions for pest control Bergen County NJ.

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What Homeowners Should Know about Mole Damage

For all of your mole control Bergen County needs, contact Precise Pest Control

If you notice dirt mounds or surface tunnels in your yard, these could be telltale signs of a mole problem. Moles create these pathways between their dens and feeding areas and can cause serious pest problems for homeowners.

Here is a discussion of the types of damage that moles can do to your home and property and best practices for mole control Bergen County.

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The Winter Activities of Squirrels and How to Prevent Them from Destroying Your Property

Give us a call when you first notice a squirrel problem for a free inspection

Unlike some animals, squirrels do not hibernate in the winter, and in fact, they’re very active all winter long. When winter storms hit, like they do so often in New Jersey, squirrels take shelter in their nests until the harshest conditions pass. This habit poses its own set of problems to homeowners.

In this article, we’ll talk about what squirrels get up to in the winter and how to safely, effectively, and legally prevent them from destroying your property.

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