Hire a Mole Control Company and Save Your Lawn

Of the many pests that can wreak havoc on your lawn, moles are among the most damaging. Not only do they leave unattractive miniature dirt hills dotted across your hard-won verdant landscape. They can also damage the roots of trees and other plants in their incessant quest for insects and worms. Since moles are unsociable, it is unlikely your lawn will fall prey to more than one or two at a time. However, one small mole can cause a lot of damage. Contacting an experienced and knowledgeable mole control in New Jersey will not only give you the peace of mind knowing you are in good hands but will deliver successful results right away.

Although they generally weigh not much more than half a pound, moles are designed by nature to dig. Their anterior limbs are extremely large and strong, given their size. Moles have a genus-specific extra thumb comprised of a single crescent shaped bone. However, all their other digits are jointed, tapering, eerily human-like and sensitive, besides suitable for digging. In fact, moles have been known to dig more than fifteen feet per hour. All that work obviously makes them hungry. An adult mole eats up to twice their own body mass on a daily basis.

With such a determined and hungry rogue loose on your defenseless lawn, you could stake out a mole hill, shovel in hand, buy some traps, or invest in some poison. However, your best step would be to seek out a professional mole control company.

A mole control company can save your lawn, not just because they’re experienced. They also have the right tools. Whether the best solution is baiting, gassing, repellent or trapping, a good mole control company knows the right questions to ask in order to devise the best solution for each lawn-owner. This is much less of a headache than trying to do it all yourself. Moreover, a good mole control company also guarantees their work.

Contact Precise Termite and Pest Control

If you find that your lawn is being overrun by moles, contact Precise Termite and Pest Control who services mole control in Bergen County and other counties in New Jersey. If you would like to schedule a free inspection of your home call Precise Termite and Pest Control at (866) 971-2847. For over 25 years, Precise Termite and Pest Control have been fighting to protect your home or business from unruly pests and know that dealing with moles is a delicate and daunting task but know how to properly remove them with a high rate of success.

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